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Gay male games

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9+ Best Gay Porn Games, Yaoi and Gay Sex Games - MyGaySites

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What was really wonderful was I came back from the Gay Games, from New York, and James was a white gay male, in his early forties, who, being the son of a. These narrative shorthands used to represent us are often negative, and the implications they have for both gay men and the wider gaming. Robert Yang: Spanking, Cruising, Selfies, and Games about Sex between Men Based in Set in a men's restroom, the game harkens back to gay male cruising .

I guess the Sims counts in its way. Garrett Hawke Member. Jan 24, 24, 0 Dragon Age 2 has quite a. Dragon Age Origins has one I think, maybe. Mar 30, 0 UK. Outside of Bioware games gay male games general though, I really can't think of gay relationships in games being tackled in any meaningful way at all. Apr 6, 3, 32 Texas. Unfortunately, Bioware is the only company that puts resources into this kind of stuff. I thought Zevran was cool in Dragon Age: Origins, talk to a judge online for free he's bi.

I don't know if that would dampen enthusiasm. Vital Tundra Member. Apr 13, 8, 0 0 Wilmington, NC. Not Mass Effect. Bahorel Member. Jun 23, 1, 0 0. Bully had two gay male games options for kissing! I enjoyed. But again that's not a fleshed out relationship, more of a tidbit. Wulfram said: ME2 gay male games no gay male relationships.

Mar 24, 5, 0 0. That was the first game I remember that handled same sex relationships in a non-judgemental way and had more to say, or imply, than " gay male games look, we're including a same sex relationship to be edgy".

TissueBox Member. Nov 10, 3, 4 Yep sadly the gaames has very few of these thus far.

Gay male games

TumblingHippo Member. Mar 16, 1, 0 0.

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Indie Games are gonna be your best bet. Gotta keep that protag straight so "people can relate" mlae all that bad stuff they'll fall on.

ads personal Stardew Valley is vastly superior to Harvest Moon because it allows gay relationships, and there's a bunch more indie stuff I imagine that's gonna pop up to allow for gay main characters. And Ga is gay male games a gay main protag in all of his games, gay male games that's a plus. Vaev Member. Jun 4, 42 SF, CA www.

Sep 18, 1, 0 0.

Gay male games

I want to say Broken Arms? Kangi Member. Dec 30, 6, 0 0 www. Gregg and Angus in Night in the Woods are fantastic.

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Kangi said: Corpekata Banned. Jun 7, 20, 0 0. Foffy Banned.

Gay male games

May 14, 22, 1 0. FeMui said: ZombiePlatypus Member.

Sep 23, 13, 1 0. Jul 16, 5, 0 gay male games This thread makes me think I should get over my reservations about Night in the Woods's time limitations and just play it. Weiss said: Zap Rowsdower Banned. Oct 17, 1, 0 0. It's just strong subtext considering gay male games a Japanese game that came out ten years ago, but I like Ike and Soren in the Radiant Fire Emblem games.

Also unironically Phantasmagoria 2. Trevor is one of the first openly gay characters in video games and he's the most likable character in the cast.

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He also has the most chemistry with the protagonist, Curtis. Gay male games even admits to his shrink towards the end of the game that he genuinely loves Trevor.

Curtis himself is probably one of the first bisexual dudes in video games. ZombiePlatypus said: This game looks gaames. Kain-Nosgoth Member. Jun 10, 2, 0 0. Innocent Sin 1. Jun Kurosu Persona 2: Innocent Sin In Persona 2, the male protagonist, Tatsuya, can choose to date Gay male games, Maya, Eikichi, or Jun depending on gay male games specific dialogue choices that the player makes.

If Tatsuya chooses Jun, they gay male games able to have a positively portrayed homosexual romantic relationship that the other playable who is hayes grier dating don't disapprove of. Jun's sexual orientation is heavily implied to be gay. It is implied this goes back to when he and Tatsuya were children.

He flusters at Maya's insistence that the two gwy them are alike, and is generally very happy to be likened to Tatsuya.

In-game, Jun asks Tatsuya out to dinner, gay male games Tatsuya that he will never leave his side, and is considered a competent rival with Lisa for Tatsuya's affections.

The player may choose to confess feelings for Jun, in which case Tatsuya and Jun will be questioned as "lovers? Jun is also repeatedly mentioned to have no attraction to females, as evidenced by in-game demon contacts and the Persona 2: Innocent Sin World Book, which mentions female pursuers are better off staying friends. Gay male games relationship is teased in the Persona Girls search in Svay Tong Guidance book by Kazuma Kaneko and Satomi Tadashi in an interview question regarding their relationship.

Spudnik Sweetheart Member. Dec 16, 0 0.

May 6, 6, 1 0 VA. Do Otome's count? Ivan A Nguyen Member. Aug 23, 4, 0 Relationships in video games have been notoriously shallow.

Why gaming's gay male representation needs to change

This is why I wonder gay male games you might find more fulfillment in games with strong bromances instead. Feb 25, 2, 31 0 Illinois. I'm going to assume gay male games the MGS3 callouts are jokes. Gauge male escort game was pretty shitty on mal aspect, how it used homosexuality as weird behavior you're supposed to be laughing at. Also, making the gay people perverted villains is so cliche. I can't think of any real good examples.

Mozendo Member.