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Wants Sex Dating Need a cute friend with a tongue ring

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Need a cute friend with a tongue ring

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Posted By Piercings Shops on Jan 10, Believe it or not, tongue piercing can go way back to the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

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While nowadays tongue piercing need a cute friend with a tongue ring a mega-trend for people who want to set themselves apart from the crowd, the Mayans and Aztecs saw it as a religious practice more than an artistic or decorative one.

For them, getting a tongue ring was about honoring tpngue gods by inflicting and enduring pain, thus showing their honor and courage. Check out the list. Are you a Marvel fan? Check out this cool Captain America tongue ring. Originally posted by Custommade.

It would be interesting to see how people would look twice and wonder why you always have a pill on your tongue with this tongue ring. Originally posted by Kari Killingsworth.

Feeling young and girly? This cute Hello Kitty ribbon should bring out the shy little girl in you. Originally posted by Yolanda Mejia. Rock on and immortalize Nirvana!

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Originally posted by Rinv Ann. Everything pink. As you can see her tongue ring also looks great with her nose ring. Originally posted by Masterpiece. Originally posted by sexymoneydrug. This pink dice rolling on your tongue should make you the centre of attention during board games with your friends. Originally posted by Emi Lie. Originally posted by Jackie. Are you feeling adventurous and naughty?

Need a cute friend with a tongue ring

Originally posted by strangecosmos. Your love for nature shows when you wear these star and moon tongue rings.

They also look good with tragus earrings. Originally posted by otroinfierno-otrocielo. Check out this pretty rose surgical ding tongue ring.

Tongue Piercing Guide: 7 Types Explained (50+ Photos, Pain Level, Price)

It surely looks perfect with cartilage earrings that have similar themes. Originally posted by Freshtrends. Wear this stylish ened gem tongue ring if you want to look fabulous and classy and be the envy of your friends. Do you love animal prints?

This zebra tongue ring will make you look trendy and fashionable. Try matching it with other zebra print accessories for the perfect look! If you want to keep it simple, this basic stud should be. You can always go for other themes or designs should you want to look stylish.

Originally posted by https: This teddy bear surgical steel should remind you of your childhood and your love for stuffed toys.

How about a playboy bunny tongue ring? This cute bunny need a cute friend with a tongue ring ring x make you feel instantly sexy. This is a cool yin and yang tongue big dicks massage. Yin-yang symbolizes the interconnectedness of two opposing forces in the natural world.

Originally posted by charming-casualty. Another Rasta leaf logo for those who tongu into the Rastafarian tonuge. This tongue ring is acrylic and feels lighter than the previous cannabis tongue ring. These bioplast glow in the blonde lesbians on bed barbells are perfect if you want your tongue rings to be seen day or night. Want a simple star with no fuss?

This casted surgical steel star tongue ring barbell is perfect if tonge want to keep it need a cute friend with a tongue ring.

Simple and cute. This is not a four leaf clover but rather a shamrock. Shamrock is firend known as a lucky charm. This tongue ring is perfect for you if you believe such thing. Bear in mind that it is asian girls interracial tongue that we are nred about and not just any body. The tongue is located in the mouth, which makes it vulnerable to infections.

May this post serve as your guide and help you decide which tongue rings to.

Need a cute friend with a tongue ring

From piercing trends, to piercing shops and piercing inspiration we try to educate and inspire YOU by sharing our passion. Subscribe to our mailing list. Popular Recent Random. Top 10 Miley Cyrus Piercings Sep 7, Diamond Tontue Buying Guide: Body Piercings Explained: All need a cute friend with a tongue ring need to know! Dec 27, Nose Ring: Mar 18, Anti Tragus Piercing: Tragus Piercing: Nose Ring Buying Guide Dec 15, Earrings for Men: