About us

LouMirandaaCo is a family based collaboration between two sisters; Lou Miranda and Alexandra Jessie. We were blessed enough to have been raised in the surroundings of the sunny coastal town of Bunbury, Western Australia. Here we were free to follow the ocean breeze and wander the local lands. Together we have created a collection of home and fashion wares embodying the essence of our lifestyle and upbringing.


Our products are lovingly designed in detail and are hand crafted in our small studio now nestled in the heart of Maiden Gully, Bendigo. Along with our artworks which have all been personally photographed around this beautiful globe and professionally printed.


We love all animals & the earth, that is why we consciously employ only non-toxic, vegan friendly ingredients and creative methods.


Whether you're deciding to cosy up your home or thoughtfully spoil a loved one you will be sure to find something special within our range. 


- Lou Miranda & Alexandra Jessie xx